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Changelog 1.3.2

  • Lazy loading is now available for the background videos to improve the website performance and SEO.
  • A new Quick Style editor is now available to style the alignment of the Paragraph and Title widgets.
  • The Dashboard is now available for you in the language selected during the onboarding.
  • You can now connect the same domain to another project after deleting the one it was previously connected to.
  • The logic of automated redirections is now improved to provide your customers with a better multilingual website experience.
  • The Image and Color swatch attributes can now be dropped only into the Product List widget.
  • The translations of the filterable attributes in the Product Filter widget are now visible in the Visual Editor and Public Mode.
  • The accurate translation of the filterable attribute name is now available on the Product pages.
  • Every image in Media is now also available in WebP format.
  • Your customers can now successfully reset their passwords with phone numbers after updating their provided phone numbers on the My Account page.
  • The products in the previews page are now loaded successfully after your customers navigate back from the Linked Products, Cross-Selling, and Upselling pages.
  • The menu items are displayed to your customers without any extra icon on the My Account page.
  • Signing in the form Signature after resetting it once is now possible.
  • The email field in the Shipping Details for the checkout flow is now auto-filled for all signed-in customers.
  • The languages hidden from the Dashboard settings are now unavailable for your customers.
  • The size of the Payment Chooser widget now remains the same when changing the payment method.
  • The Continue to Payment button is now displayed with the correct label to your customers when checking out with a Booking-type product.
  • After removing all the cart items and clicking the browser Back button on the Empty Cart page, your customers are now navigated to the page from which they started the checkout flow.
  • You can now receive the accurate data submitted through the Form widget with Multiple Checkbox fields.
  • Adding 2 or more Rental Option widgets on a page is now restricted.
  • The Shipping page for the digital products is no longer accessible with a URL.
  • The Previous and Next arrows are not displayed in the case of the first and last images, respectively, in the Gallery widget.
  • Clicking a link of an unpublished page now redirects your customers to the 404 page.
  • All sections on the My Accounts page are now device-responsive.
  • The Availability widget for a Rental product shows the correct value.
  • You now receive an error message when setting the same password as the new one.
  • All submenu widgets now inherit the Hover or Click Opening trigger set for the Parent Menu widget.
  • The Slider widget now remains visible when switching to the 320px breakpoint in the Visual Editor.
  • 32 other bugs are fixed to improve the platform stability and functionality ✅