Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
UC Bot
  • Shipping Method Management is now available for you with two options: Self Pickup and Shipping Profiles, to create pickup points based on your locations and shipping methods.
  • You can now set the country/region to which the shipping methods are applicable.
  • You can now apply pricing conditions (per weight, per item, flat rate, or free shipping) to the shipping methods.
  • Your customers can now choose their preferable shipping method or pickup point and define the time slot when checking out.
  • You can now customize the style of the Shipping Chooser widget to improve the buyer experience.
  • The View icon in the Layers section now indicates the objects hidden using the CSS Display style.
  • The website entities now have their visibility settings based on location, IP, language, session, and device.
  • The live website URL is now displayed when navigating from the Project List to the Public Website of a project.
  • The interface of the Login and Registration pages is improved for a better UX.
  • The onboarding flow for both mobile and web versions is redesigned for a better UI.
  • Your customers are now redirected to the single product page when clicking the Add to Cart button in the Product List widget for digital products.
  • The Download Invoice button is no longer available for unpaid orders.
  • The Product List widget is no longer visible in the Public Mode unless it is attached to a data source.
  • The texts that cannot be translated in the Visual Editor are now available in the currently supported languages.
  • The Editor mode properly loads when navigating back from the Preview mode.
  • Browser autofill can now be used to successfully log in or sign up.
  • Your customers can now successfully hide/unhide the entered password using the View icon when signing in/up.
  • Only the tab-specific content is now loaded when switching between the tabs on the My Account page.
  • The Pagination widget is now displayed to your customers in the proper styling.
  • The Add to Cart widget now stops loading once the Shopping Cart drawer is in an open state.
  • A correct URL is now generated when navigating to the system pages after changing the language.
  • The Language Switcher widget is now inactive if there are no other active languages.
Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
  • Lazy loading is now available for the background videos to improve the website performance and SEO.
  • A new Quick Style editor is now available to style the alignment of the Paragraph and Title widgets.
  • The Dashboard is now available for you in the language selected during the onboarding.
  • You can now connect the same domain to another project after deleting the one it was previously connected to.
  • The logic of automated redirections is now improved to provide your customers with a better multilingual website experience.
  • The Image and Color swatch attributes can now be dropped only into the Product List widget.
  • The translations of the filterable attributes in the Product Filter widget are now visible in the Visual Editor and Public Mode.
  • The accurate translation of the filterable attribute name is now available on the Product pages.
  • Every image in Media is now also available in WebP format.
  • Your customers can now successfully reset their passwords with phone numbers after updating their provided phone numbers on the My Account page.
  • The products in the previews page are now loaded successfully after your customers navigate back from the Linked Products, Cross-Selling, and Upselling pages.
  • The menu items are displayed to your customers without any extra icon on the My Account page.
  • Signing in the form Signature after resetting it once is now possible.
  • The email field in the Shipping Details for the checkout flow is now auto-filled for all signed-in customers.
  • The languages hidden from the Dashboard settings are now unavailable for your customers.
  • The size of the Payment Chooser widget now remains the same when changing the payment method.
  • The Continue to Payment button is now displayed with the correct label to your customers when checking out with a Booking-type product.
  • After removing all the cart items and clicking the browser Back button on the Empty Cart page, your customers are now navigated to the page from which they started the checkout flow.
  • You can now receive the accurate data submitted through the Form widget with Multiple Checkbox fields.
  • Adding 2 or more Rental Option widgets on a page is now restricted.
  • The Shipping page for the digital products is no longer accessible with a URL.
  • The Previous and Next arrows are not displayed in the case of the first and last images, respectively, in the Gallery widget.
  • Clicking a link of an unpublished page now redirects your customers to the 404 page.
  • All sections on the My Accounts page are now device-responsive.
  • The Availability widget for a Rental product shows the correct value.
  • You now receive an error message when setting the same password as the new one.
  • All submenu widgets now inherit the Hover or Click Opening trigger set for the Parent Menu widget.
  • The Slider widget now remains visible when switching to the 320px breakpoint in the Visual Editor.
  • 32 other bugs are fixed to improve the platform stability and functionality ✅
Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
UC Bot
  • The Cart Summary, Collection List, Product List, and Rate/Review widgets now function properly due to the Item Repeater widget refactoring.
  • The system now detects the language of the website to send notifications in the selected language.
  • The attribute names and their values translated in the Dashboard are now displayed in the Visual Editor and Public Mode.
  • The submenu is now automatically closed on outclick.
  • The logos and favicons in the SVG format are now visible in the Visual Editor.
  • The Product Media widget dropped into the Slider widget is now displayed properly.
  • You can now successfully drop the configurable attribute Selection Type Dropdown onto the single product page.
  • You are no longer redirected to the listing page after editing a Category, Product Family, and Collection.
  • You can now search for attributes on the Product Family creation page.
  • Nine other bugs are fixed to improve the platform stability and functionality.
Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
UC Bot
  • A view is now displayed to your customers during an ongoing migration, informing them about the reason for not being able to make changes to the project.
  • Idram payment method is now available for your customers, offering buyers a wider range of local payment options.
  • You can now set available Pickup Time Slots for your customers to select when checking out, improving the buyers' user experience.
3 (2)
  • Your customers now get an error message about incompatible products when adding a product type different from the one(s) existing in the cart.
  • The Chosen Delivery Date widget is now available for you to include in the Checkout Steps Summary widget and Thank You page to be displayed to your customers when completing the checkout flow.
  • Your customers now get a message validating the phone numbers provided by them for better user experience.
  • You can now set the website header background color as the top bar color for the mobile view.
  • You can now improve the UX of the Search widget by designing a Loading state to be displayed to your customers while loading.
  • You can now set different conditions for a manual coupon discount to run various marketing campaigns.
1 (2)
  • You can now translate email notification templates into any language, improving customer communication.
2 (1)
  • Your customers are now required to enter an email address to process the payment when checking out with the PayTabs payment method.
  • A validation message is no longer displayed to your customers after choosing a country matching the provided Zip Code.
  • Linaria is now used as a styling solution for Visual Editor widgets to achieve code-level improvements.
  • Error and validation messages are automatically removed after customers fill in the required fields with the relevant data.
  • The Quantity widget is now available as a standalone widget, and you can design and style it separately from the Add to Cart button.
  • The Checkout Instructions you have provided are now displayed to your customers in the Shipping Methods and Payment Methods sections during the checkout flow.
  • The page URL now contains the specified filters applied by the customers.
  • The Language Switcher widget now contains the Lang attribute to improve the SEO.
  • Each layout object is now clearly distinguished by a colored border when selecting or hovering over it, making it easier for you to differentiate the objects in the Visual Editor.
  • You can now name the Form widget, which allows you to differentiate the data submitted by your customers by the Form name in the Admin Dashboard.
  • The UX for rendering the Container dropzones is now improved, allowing you to easily place a new object inside the Container widget easily.
  • You can now drop Digital Product attributes such as File into the Product List.
  • The Open Mode options for the Menu widget are now grouped based on the type.
  • You can now edit the links of the default Menu Items in the Menu widget.
  • You can now set different icons for the close and open states of the Menu widget, making the website navigation more intuitive.
  • The user interfaces of Menu and User Account drawers have been improved.
  • You can now set the trigger to open a submenu on hover or click by using the Submenu Open Trigger setting available for the Menu widget.
  • The Alt attribute now works for the Logo widget to improve the SEO.
  • The sum in the Order Calculation and Total widgets changes accordingly when applying a coupon code on the checkout page.
  • The images attached to the attributes are now displayed to your customers with the size you have set on the Visual Editor.
  • The Shipping price is now visible in the Order Calculations widget when navigating back from the Payment page during the checkout flow.
  • The Cart Drawer now closes after your customers click the Checkout button on any Checkout page.
  • The Location widget skeleton is not visible during loading, if no location is specified.
  • You can now create a new project name including only two characters.
  • The Shipping Details section is now displayed on all the checkout steps when using a Manual Discount.
  • You now receive an email to reset your password.
  • The ordering of products in the Dashboard is now not affected by editing a product.
  • Your customers can now successfully download the order invoices.
Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
  • You can now improve the UX of the Search widget by designing an Empty state in case there are no results for the search inquiry.
  • You can now set a Minimum Order Amount for your buyers in the Checkout section, and they will receive an error message if the cart total is less than the amount set.
  • Your buyers can now register on your website with the same credentials used for the Guest Checkout. When trying to Sign Up, they will be redirected to the Sign In page with a verification pop-up.
  • You can now include a Tax variable in email and SMS notifications regarding your customers' orders.
  • Subcategories under Link Management are now displayed in a tree structure, making it easier to navigate your Project.
  • You can now manage your slides efficiently through the Add Media button directly on the Slider widget.
  • A Clear icon is now available for the Search widget, allowing your customers to clear the entities in the search input.
Clear Icon
  • The Layers section has been renamed “Structure Tree", making the interface more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • The optimized and unoptimized pages in the SEO app are now indicated with green and red badges for a better UX.
  • Each Tab container of the Tab widget now has its name with enumeration, and the style applied to the Tab widget with the Tab Items selected now applies to all the Tabs.
  • The styles of the Hover State no longer apply to the Disabled Button.
  • The File attribute is now displayed as a URL in the Visual Editor, visible as a download link in the Public Mode.
  • You can now set the visibility of the Product List Heading and Sorting Dropdown through relevant toggles.
  • Your customers now see the number of results as the default heading for the Product List widget.
  • Your customers now get the Product List Heading, Sorting Dropdown, and the list of your products displayed simultaneously when loading.
  • The loading time for the pages containing the Review List, Collection List, and Product List widgets is now optimized due to combining the API calls for getting the images into a single query.
  • Your customers now get an email or SMS notification on a successful submission when filling in a form on your website.
  • You can now reorder your projects alphabetically, by creation date or recent modifications on the Dashboard.
  • You can now see the SSL column and the status displayed in the Domains section.
  • The Order ID prefix is now automatically filled with the first three letters of the project name, and the starting point is set to 000100, making the order ID more project-specific.
  • The files submitted through the Form widget on your website are now sent to your email and are available to download.
  • The RTL tag is now displayed next to all right-to-left languages in the dropdown list for adding/editing your website languages in the Settings section.
  • The category names in your Project are now displayed without subsequent extra commas.
  • You can now accurately set Padding and Margin sizes for breakpoints 1441-1920 and 1920 & Up px resolutions.
  • Your customers are now redirected to the appropriate page by clicking "Agree to Terms and Conditions" on the Checkout Details page.
  • The text inserted into the Text attribute is now successfully displayed in the Visual Editor.
  • The text pasted into the Product Description is now applied in the correct format.
  • Customer phone numbers are now successfully saved when creating a new address.
  • The Sidebar on the Visual Editor and the Public Mode now appears with a default height.
  • Changing the order of social icons in the Follow Us widget now works correctly.
  • Your customers now get a correct error message when clicking the Forgot Password button more than once within a minute.
  • Your customers can now change the quantity of a product with a configurable attribute in the Cart Drawer.
  • When hovering over a selected tab, your customers no longer see the Hover state styles.
  • Your customer can now complete the checkout flow after they have canceled adding a new address on the Checkout page.
  • Your customers now see a warning message on all the required fields when checking out and leaving them empty.
  • The delivery time slot is now included in the order details you get from the customers using the Redirect Payment method. This information is also displayed to customers on the Thank You page.
  • When switching pagination for the Product List, your customers are now navigated to the top of the list.
  • The product image is now displayed on all the steps of the checkout flow.
  • The same currency format is now displayed to your customers on all the steps of the checkout flow.
  • Entering an alias containing uppercase or special characters for Collections now triggers an error message.
  • The Connect option now becomes active after disconnecting a domain from your Project.
  • Only the used Shipping Methods are now available for you to filter the orders in the Orders section.
  • You can now successfully issue a refund via the Money Transfer payment method.
  • You can now see new products in the list of Linked Products immediately after adding them.
  • You can now successfully set a default currency in the Project Details section.
  • You can now include special characters in your Project Name.
  • You can now see the payment icons in the Payment Methods section.
  • The logos are now visible in the notifications regardless of the logo file format.
  • Your customers can now successfully complete the checkout flow when choosing an Appointment type product.
  • Your customers now get email/SMS notifications on abandoned carts.
  • Uploading unsupported files to the Project Dashboard now triggers an error message.
Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
  • The Telr payment method is now available to process order payments and offer buyers a wide range of local and global payment options.
  • You can now manage pre-filled business-related content, such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy, Shipping, and Return policies, in the Legal Docs section of the Dashboard Settings and display them in the Public Mode via the Legal Docs widget in the Visual Editor.
  • You can now let your customers rent items like vehicles and equipment directly from your website on an hourly/daily basis through a new Rental booking-type product.
  • The Shopping Cart drawer is now available in Visual Editor to further customize your cart.
  • You can now set a loading state for buttons in the Visual Editor to improve the UX of your CTAs (Call-to-Action).
  • The Buttons on the checkout flow have been modified to guide you with the subsequent steps and are now translatable.
  • The Lightbox setting for the Gallery widget is now toggleable, enabling you to activate/deactivate the Gallery Image preview.
  • You can now customize the Configurable Attributes widget by applying Flex styles.
  • Your buyers' contact details entered in the first step of the checkout flow are now visible in the subsequent steps.
  • The user avatar name and email in the Shopping Cart drawer are now microelements, allowing you to apply styles to the User Details section directly in the Visual Editor.
  • A 3px line is displayed above the header to show the loading state when switching routes.
  • A warning pop-up is triggered when pressing keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl/⌘+F in case of unsaved changes.
  • After making a guest checkout, your buyer can sign up on the website as a regular user and access the previously placed orders in the Orders section.
  • You can now upload a custom logo for each payment method to display on the checkout page.
  • Product page SEO titles are now automatically generated from the product name for improved SEO performance.
  • Order Items variables in the order-related notifications section now display the image, price, and attributes of the ordered product, providing details about your/your buyer's purchased item.
  • A Reset to default button is now available to revert to the original template for your email/SMS notifications.
  • You can now customize the Reset Password notification from the Notifications section.
  • You can now track your orders in a more user-friendly manner due to the improvements in the order management flow.
  • Attachments submitted via the Form widget are now included in emails sent to you.
  • Postal codes entered in the checkout are now validated based on the country.
  • Browser autocomplete is now disabled for the fields in the checkout flow.
  • Passwords entered previously cannot be reused for security reasons when changing your password.
  • The allowed services of specific shipping methods are now displayed as separate shipping options during checkout.
  • If the Modal height is longer than the screen size, it has a fixed height with a scroll bar.
  • Entering your email on your shipping and billing details during checkout is now optional, and the system uses the email from Contact Details unless specified otherwise.
  • The Digital Orders section only appears on the buyer's account if a digital product has been purchased.
  • Thanks to Menu widget refactoring, you can now have a more advanced menu creation experience, including a MegaMenu design.
  • System pages are no longer indexed and followed by Google.
  • The Rate and Type fields are only available for the Fixed Rate when activating the Sendcloud shipping method.
  • The order subtotal is now updated in real-time when choosing/changing the shipping method.
  • The added customer notes are now instantly displayed in the Customers section.
  • Order details for the Booking-type products are now displayed on the Order page.
  • You can now create project names using uppercase letters.
  • Filtering orders by shipping method now provides accurate results.
  • Setting the page online/offline performs immediately without clearing the cache.
  • Applying a discount code no longer triggers an email to the website owner.
  • Images now display without a placeholder during the page load.
  • The Submit button on the Form widget is in a disabled state unless all required fields are filled.
  • The shipping address is not displayed for Digital Product orders.
  • Only the allowed payment methods based on the Project country are visible to the buyer from the saved ones during the checkout flow.
  • You can now change the product quantity directly from the cart.
  • Per-unit shipping methods are updated when the product quantity changes.
  • The first slide of the Slider widget appears during page load.
  • The out-of-stock products show a correct error message while trying to increase the quantity limit in the stock.
  • The validation of the Number field on the Form widget now works correctly.
  • The URLs are now correctly regenerated when changing the language on the My Account page.
  • A correct success message is displayed to your buyer when applying a discount coupon code.
Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
  • You can now set up and sell appointment slots with their availability to enable your customers to book a time with you. This is good for doctor and hairdresser appointments or any other local service providers.
  • Booking a table at your restaurant or café directly from your website is now possible for your customers by creating a Table booking-type product.
  • From now on, you can accept card payments for your products through the "POS (point-of-sale) on Delivery" payment method.
  • You may now assign the translated version of your website to a specific domain. Good for multi-regional websites and stores.
  • You can now view the Keyboard shortcut panel in the Help section to access necessary hotkeys; for example, press ⌘+S/Ctrl+S on the Product creation form in Project Dashboard to save the changes.
  • Your customers are now automatically notified by email whenever they fill in a form on your website. Along with that, you receive an email informing you about a newly filled form. All this content can be easily personalized per your needs in Project Dashboard > Settings > Notifications.
  • The Help section is now available with the Support and Resources units enabling you to easily navigate to the User Guide, open the Chatbot, etc.
  • PayTabs and CashU payment methods are now available to collect payments from the MENA region.
  • When making a purchase, it is now possible for your end users to save their payment methods and reuse them next time they check out. Their saved payment methods are accessible under their accounts.
  • A Search widget is now available to add to your websites and allow your customers to find products faster.
  • A new Event booking product type is now available that enables selling event tickets on your website.
  • A new Rental product type is now available that enables listing your apartment or any other property out for rent directly on your website.
  • You can now access the My Account page as a separate page through the Drawer feature.
  • You can now set up Dark/Light Modes for your websites, allowing your customers to browse the websites with their preferred color scheme. It automatically adjusts to the customers' system default but can easily be changed with the Theme switcher widget.
  • Right-to-Left language (RTL) is now supported in the MENA region to publish your websites in Arabic or any other RTL language.
  • You can now optimize your pages through the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) app to rank higher in search engines.
  • Redirection functionality is now available in the SEO app, enabling you to redirect the old URLs to the new ones by specifying the redirect types (301, 302).
  • Your customers can now easily navigate your website using the Breadcrumb widget.
  • My Account widget is now using the Tab widget under the hood, allowing you to customize the different views using the microelements.
  • When receiving an order, the Dispatch button (shipping process) now displays on the first step beside the Mark as Paid and Cancel Order buttons, irrespective of payment. Also, after marking the order as Paid, the Refund button becomes accessible.
  • Invoices are automatically generated for the "POS On Delivery" payment method unless you turn them off from the Payment settings.
  • Videos are now loaded through Lazy loading, allowing you to access pages with videos faster.
  • Webpages now load 40% faster due to the performance optimizations (Core Web Vitals) included in this release.
  • You can now easily use and customize the Navigation widget, drag and drop menu items to change their order, and toggle the Sub-menu on/off in Settings. Also, you can use the Menu widget as a UI element and access its styles on the right sidebar.
  • The column number of the Item Repeater widget is now connected to a particular breakpoint for better responsiveness of different device resolutions.
  • Widgets are now automatically selected once dropped, making it easier to interact with them after placing them in the editor.
  • The correct payment status is displayed when choosing the "POS On Delivery" payment method.
  • A Min and Max number validation is now available when creating a Number Form Field in the Collections section.
  • When editing existing customers in the Project Dashboard > Customers, their information is now available in the Pop-Up window.
  • Account deletion for the buyers now works correctly.
  • The valid message is displayed when deleting the Collection Form Field in the Item Management section.
  • You can now switch the language without saving the Form Fields in the Item Management section.
  • Deleting a collection from the Collection Item section now works correctly.
  • You can now successfully save the edited collections.
  • When navigating between pages of a website, the canonical path URL now changes accordingly.
  • Product list loading displays loading skeletons once, avoiding additional reflows and performance breaches.
  • Once dragging and dropping the attributes in the Product List, they are correctly displayed in the Visual Editor and Public Mode.
  • You can now drop the Collection Name widget on the Collection page appropriately.
  • It is now possible to properly edit the styles and settings on the published Video widget.
  • You can now correctly drop the Ecommerce attributes on the Physical Product page.
  • It is now possible to drop the Category Name widget only in the Product List widget on the Homepage.
  • The redirection of Visual Editor, CMS, and Public Modes works correctly.
  • After adding or removing the Color Swatch type Attribute options, the data is fetched in the Public Mode appropriately.
  • Selecting a single image on the Media app is now possible.
  • All the micro-elements of My Account widgets now have the correct names.
  • The images and videos of the Media modal display correctly for the Image widget.
  • The videos of the Media modal display appropriately for the Slider widget.
Visual Editor
Content Editor
Public Mode
  • You can now have a more advanced experience when setting up your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) thanks to automatically generated Hreflang tags and Canonical URLs.
  • Images now load faster due to the implementation of the Lazy Loading technique for images and HTML image tags.
  • You can now view the widget Microelements along with Widgets on the Visual Editor structure tree.
  • The Parallax animation type is now available, allowing you to create more dynamic layout designs.
  • You can now apply a background color to Blocks.
  • Thanks to the code and architecture optimizations, you can now experience a smoother website performance.
  • Fonts now load faster as a result of font render blocking.
  • The number of layout shifts has been decreased due to the optimization of Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS).
  • Pages now load faster thanks to the use of Apollo cache for pagination.
  • Your users can now input their phone numbers under the appropriate Country name sorted in alphabetical order in the Phone field on the Form widget.
  • The interface language on the Visual Editor now matches the one set from your Project Dashboard.
  • The default size for the Widget state has been defined to provide a more intuitive UI.
  • You can now apply Button styles to the Burger icon of the Menu widget.
  • The orders are being filtered correctly in the Orders section.
  • The logged-in state performs appropriately on the User widget.
  • The Login button now displays the appropriate label during loading.
  • It is now possible to add priorly uploaded videos to the Video widget from the Media.
  • You can now change the image ordering in the Gallery widget.
  • It is now possible to add a phone number or an email to the Menu widget as a Menu item.
  • A valid error message is displayed if you do not have permission to create/delete pages.
  • You can now successfully switch the Language Switcher widget to a list view.
  • It is now possible to preview PDF files correctly in the Media app.
  • Any changes made on the Pages section now apply to the linked pages on the Menu widget.
  • The footer of the My Account widget now displays properly.
Visual Editor
Project Dashboard
Content Editor
Public Mode
UC Bot
📢 Today, Ucraft CEO Gev Balyan announced the launch of
Ucraft Next
, Ucraft's new intelligent eCommerce solution. Available now in
, Ucraft Next is free for anyone for the upcoming
3 months.
Below, Gev shares a bit about why we decided to build Ucraft Next.
What exactly is Ucraft Next?
Ucraft Next is our newest
intelligent eCommerce platform
, with a brand-new technology stack tailored to suit the eCommerce industry demands. It is an AI-powered eCommerce solution designed to provide merchants and entrepreneurs with all the tools to create and manage an exceptional website or online store - helping them save time and money.
The Problem We Solve
After many discussions with our customers, we were able to pinpoint 3 particular problems in the eCommerce space:
  1. If the time it takes to launch an online business exceeds a week, most companies will be unable to launch successfully.
  2. Launching and maintaining an online store requires a lot of time and expertise that's hard to find and also hard to pay for.
  3. And last but not least, most web design agencies or freelancers will end up choosing from a limited variety of standardized templates, resulting in a loss of individuality when it comes to their site design.
The Solution
We combined all well-known conversations between the businesses and the web designers and deployed a
Conversational AI
, fittingly named
UC Bot
👾 This AI-powered design bot helps to create the initial version of your website, after which it proceeds to observe your site from different angles and make improvements - design changes, performance boosts, conversion increases, and other suggested changes and improvements. It's safe to say that no other eCommerce builder offers such a feature.
ucraft next features
The AI solution is being thoroughly tested internally and will be available to you in January 2023.
Your Chance to Try Out Ucraft Next
If you are interested in getting your
early-bird access
to check out Ucraft Next
for free
, click the link below and be one of the first to check out our new platform 😍
Not only will it give you a glimpse into the things we create to help you build your online presence, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to give your feedback by emailing us directly👇🏼
As we’ve scaled and as our customer base has expanded around the world, we have focused on ensuring our product and website are designed to support more and more languages 🌍
That’s why today, we’re delighted to unveil a host of fresh localization efforts across our
product and website in seven languages
– in English, Arabic, Armenian, French, Spanish, Russian and Persian.
Future multilingual plans 🗣
Beyond the product and website, we are also in the process of rolling out fully translated versions of our onboarding experience – including training videos and help center articles – plus
customer support in English, Arabic, Armenian and Russian
languages of our product as well.
This commitment to supporting more and more languages will also see further investment in fully localized versions of emails, blog posts and changelogs.
Your Feedback Defines the Future
Our team relies on your feedback to improve the
Beta release
and construct a solid candidate for the Live release. Every response matters ❤️
ucraft team
Stay tuned for more information, feature insights, and exciting announcements - all coming very soon! ✌🏼
Today, after two years of silence and hard work, we finally get to announce the launch of Ucraft Next 🚀🎉
Ucraft Next - The Rundown
Ucraft Next is an intelligent eCommerce Solution created with the aim of raising the standard of web design and eCommerce 🛒 It is an advanced platform for entrepreneurs and web designers alike to come together and create unparalleled eCommerce stores and other profitable online businesses.
Ucraft Next is part of Ucraft Inc., with a mission to empower and inspire creators to push their limits, design their boldest creations and deliver outstanding results, both visually and in terms of business intent.
New Game-Changing Features
As well as updating the general focus of our platform, we have also integrated several cutting-edge features and options into Ucraft Next, which are guaranteed to help you create an exceptional eCommerce store or business website👇🏼
Project Dashboard
The all-in-one Ucraft Next Project Dashboard allows online store owners to manage their store and track key information from a single interface.
During the construction of our new platform, improved merchant experience was also an aspect that we prioritized while coming up with the interface and design.
To put this into perspective, the most easily accessible tools will include the ones used by merchants on a daily basis, such as orders, products, analytics, item management, activity log, settings and so on. These tools will also be via mobile app, meaning that Ucraft Next users will be able to successfully run their online businesses on the go.
UC Bot
With Ucraft Next, now you can choose between creating an online store manually using a pre-designed template or allowing the AI powered UC Bot to generate the site for you instead. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your business, and several layouts will be automatically generated for you.
Now you can also use our next-gen UC Bot to create quality content for your online store instantly 👾
Visual Editor
Our new and improved Visual Editor features drag-and-drop technology that allows you to design an exceptional online by designing grid layouts, then styling every element to a pixel level perfection. Now you can work with a CSS-based class system to make style changes across multiple elements at the same time. This new addition will enable anyone with design skills to make custom tweaks to their project, which is a significant upgrade from our previous builder.
Visual Editor
Content Editor/CMS mode
With our new advanced CMS system, content teams and copywriters will be able to make swift on-site content and SEO changes without affecting the design or layout. Some actions inside the editor will be disabled to make sure everyone using the Content Editor of your project can focus on just those tasks that are authorized by their role without the risk of alterating your site’s design.
Customizable Checkout Page
Say goodbye to abandoned carts and hello to repeat purchases with our fully-customizable checkout pages, tailored to suit your business needs and meet customer expectations
Customer experience is at the forefront of our new builder, which is why the Ucraft team has developed a quick and easy checkout process for our customers’ customers. With Ucraft Next, merchants will be able to provide customers with a solid, fast, and even custom checkout experience through both mobile and desktop, converting them into repeat buyers in no time 🛒
Payment and Shipping Options
Choose from a wide variety of popular payment gateways and shipping options suited to your location, business requirements, and customer needs.
Ucraft Next will provide users with the most common shipping options, such as UPS, USPS, CPS, DHL, and Sendcloud (to name a few), while also allowing you to set up in-store pickup, free shipping, and customize the shipping settings 📦✈️
Likewise, store customers will have the freedom to choose from several different payment methods, including credit and debit card transfers, UcraftPay, PayPal, Braintree, cash on delivery, as well as manual payment method setup 💳
Adaptive Design and Custom Breakpoints
Create multiple custom breakpoints, rearrange layouts to design and optimize sites for any screen size imaginable.
Our templates render beautifully on any screen or device 🖥📱
Analytics and Marketing Tools
You can use Ucraft Next's analytics and reports to learn about your sales and customers in great detail 🔎
This enables users to run their eCommerce business more efficiently by reminding you of your store performance from the get-go. Examples of such stats include total sales, total sessions, abandoned checkouts, recent orders, and more.
Now that you know all about our recent updates, it’s time to head over to Ucraft Next and see these changes for yourself! And remember to leave your honest feedback and a couple of lines about what worked well for you and any improvements you would like to see to take your experience to the next level at 🎈Every response matters!
Creating a Site With Ucraft Next
Ucraft Next is available in several languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, Armenian and Persian for everyone to explore. You can create your online store for free for 4-months by applying to our Beta. To get started, click